Moments in the making of Palladio's Homes

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First tests

There's something very satisfying about pulling (or, rather, winding) first proofs at the start of a new book. It's time to see what the type looks like on the paper. If I have one habit it's not doing things habitually, so I'm relying on some sort of instinct that the 14D Dante will look good on the Amalfi hand-made. It's a soft, creamy paper that certainly does not need damping, and I give it a little more pressure than strictly necessary because it takes an impression so nicely.

I've taken to using a strong lens to get a better view of how the inking is looking. This is quite a fibrous paper, so if the inking is too light you can see the fibre, and if it is too much . . . well it just looks over-inked!

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