The printing of The Bricks of Venice

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Building the forme

I'm printing two openings (4pp) on a single sheet of Magnani mould-made on my Western proof press, so the forme has to accommodate those pages, ensuring their correct relative placement, not forgetting the running heads and folios. Packing furniture around the type is not in itself difficult but it needs care to ensure that when the forme is tightened up with the quoins, all the type is pushed in the right direction and ends up in the same place every time. Since I shall be making up the forme thirty or forty times as I work through the book, it's also important that it is easy to assemble and disassemble each time. I have already made a detailed diagram on a sheet of Magnani of where everything is to go, so at this point a couple of days are spent adjusting the forme with four sample pages until everything is just as I planned it.

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