A full list of titles published by the Press

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Venice Approached (1991)

An extract from John Ruskin's The Stones of Venice. this title is out of print

The Fruits of Jane Austen (1993)

Twelve extracts from the books and letters of Jane Austen on the theme of fruit, with wood-engravings by Simon Brett. this title is out of print

Twelve Poems (1994)

Twelve poems by David Burnett with wood-engravings by Sister Margaret Tournour. this title is out of print

Punting to Islip (1994)

A narrative poem by Eddie Flintoff with linocut and wood-engravings by Simon Brett. this title is out of print

The Phoenix (1995)

A translation of De Ave Phoenice by Eddie Flintoff, with pochoir by Peter Allen and calligraphy by Alun Briggs. this title is out of print

Antigone (1996)

A narrative poem by Desmond Post, with wood-cuts by Inger Lawrance.this title is in print

Figures in a Setting (1996)

Six poems by James Kirkup, with line-drawings by John Watts.this title is in print

On Durham (1996)

The last poem in Old English, translated and introduced by David Crane, with a nineteenth-century wood-engraving, and a line-drawing by Wendy Batt. this title is in print

Chesil Beach (1997)

A poem by David Burnett, with a wood-engraving by Christopher Wormell.this title is in print

tokonoma (1999)

Twenty haiku and tanka by James Kirkup, with wood-cuts by Naoko Matsubara.this title is in print

Venice Visited (1999)

A dozen extracts from the diary of Thomas Coryat, with pochoir illustrations by John Thornton. this title is out of print

The Fell Revival (2000)

An account of the revival of Oxford University Press's Fell types since 1864, by Martyn Ould and Martyn Thomas.this title is in print

TankAlphabet (2001)

The Press's first alphabet book featuring a collection of Japanese verses (tanka) by James Kirkup.this title is in print

Lowlands Away (2001)

An oratorio in ten parts and pastel drawings by Adrian Henri.this title is in print

Tonge's Travels (2001)

A Victorian travel diary chronicling a ten-week journey round the Mediterranean, illustrated with more than two dozen water-colours and line-drawings by John Watts.this title is in print

A Long Story (2001)

A four-part narrative poem by Andrew Motion with four wood-engravings by Simon Brett.this title is in print

Jump of the Manta Ray (2002)

A major new work by Mexican poet Carmen Boullosa with photographic images by Philip Hughes.this title is in print

Stanley Morison & 'John Fell' (2003)

The forty-two-year story of the writing and production of Morison's masterpiece John Fell, the University Press and the 'Fell' types by Martyn Ould.this title is in print

Fedor Tiutchev (2003)

Translation by Avril Pyman of fourteen poems by Russian poet Fedor Tiutchev with engravings by Kirill Sokolov. this title is out of print

The Bricks of Venice (2005)

A study of Venetian brickwork in words and watercolours by Peter Harris.this title is out of print

Harry Carter, Typographer (2005)

A biographical sketch and bibliography by Martyn Thomas, John A Lane, and Anne Rogers.this title is in print

Three Pieces (2005)

Three hitherto unpublished essay by Harry Carter, with an introduction by Martyn Thomas. just one out-of-series copy left

Henry James Sat Here (2006)

Nine poems on Siena by Anne Coon, with images by Kurt Feuerherm.this title is out of print

Oxford's Ornaments (2007)

A survey of the extant historical typographical ornaments at Oxford University Press by Martyn Ould. this title is out of print

An Italian Dream (2008)

A chapter from Dickens's Pictures of Italy in which he describes Venice.this title is in print

Palladio's Homes (2009)

Palladio on building a villa, covering thirteen of those he built.this title is in print

Winter Light (2010)

The English country house as we never see it, in watercolours and texts. this title is out of print

The Daniel Press in Frome (2011)

A domestic press in Victorian England, and the forerunner of the Daniel Press in Oxford.this title is in print

Printing at the Daniel Press (2011)

An analysis of Henry Daniel's printing practices from a collection of press proofs newly discovered.this title is in print

The Colours of Rome (2013)

Decorative painter John Sutcliffe on the pigments that give Rome its characteristic visual flavour.this title is out of print

Stockholm Reflections (2013)

Modern and ancient responses to the vibrant Stockholm waterfront, with digital images by Leslie Gerry.this title is in print

Venice Approached (2014)

Ruskin's description of travelling from Padua to Venice by gondola.this title is out of print

The Lost Colours of the Cyclades (2016)

A new study of colour in the Greek islands by John Sutcliffe.this title is in print

Printing at the University Press, Oxford, 1660-1780, volume I (2016)

The first definitive narrative on work at one of the greatest of English presses.this title is in print

Paper making by hand in 1953 (2017)

A reprint of Barcham Green's booklet on paper making at their Hayle Mill.this title is in print

Alchemy of the Planets (2018)

An artist's book, with space-inspired images by Philip Hughes and poems by Carmen Boullosa.this title is in print

Aubrey's Villa (2018)

A facsimile edition of a manuscript by John Aubrey chronicling his plans for and loss of his family home.this title is in print

Zapf and Stauffacher (2018)

The story of a collaboration between type designer Hermann Zapf and typographer Jack Stauffacher.this title is in print

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