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Books in print

read about 'The Daniel Press in Frome' Zapf and Stauffacher
A typographic collaboration
read about 'Paper making by hand in 1953' Paper making by hand in 1953
An account of the process used at Hayle Mill by Barcham Green
read about 'The Lost Colours of the Cyclades' The Lost Colours of the Cyclades
White everywhere? Not always!
read about 'Palladio's Homes' Palladio's Homes
The villas of Andrea Palladio and what others have said about them
Read about 'Stanley Morison & "John Fell"' Stanley Morison
& 'John Fell'

The story of the writing of Morison's book on John Fell
'Read about 'The Fell Revival' The Fell Revival
The story of the revival of Oxford University Press's Fell types
read about 'Printing at the University Press, Oxford' Printing at the University Press, Oxford, 1660-1780,
volume I

A major new study
Read about 'Harry Carter, Typographer' Harry Carter, Typographer
A biographical sketch and exhaustive bibliography
Read about 'The Daniel Press in Frome' The Daniel Press in Frome
An account of the early days of the Daniel Press
read about 'Printing at the Daniel Press' Printing at the Daniel Press
New light on Henry Daniel's printing practices
read about 'Stockholm Reflections' Stockholm Reflections
The vibrant Stockholm waterfront as seen by artist Leslie Gerry
read about 'The Daniel Press in Frome' Aubrey's Villa
The poignant story of John Aubrey's beloved childhood home
read about 'Antigone' Antigone
A poem by Desmond Post, wood-cuts by Inger Lawrance
read about 'Figures in a Setting' Figures in a Setting
A collection of six poems by James Kirkup, line drawings by John Watts
read about 'Chesil Beach' Chesil Beach
A poem by David Burnett, wood-engraving by Christopher Wormell
read about 'Lowlands Away' Lowlands Away
An oratorio by Adrian Henri, pastel images by Adrian Henri
read about 'Jump of the Manta Ray' Jump of the Manta Ray
Poetry by Carmen Boullosa, photographs by Philip Hughes
read about 'A Long Story' A Long Story
New work by Poet Laureate Andrew Motion, wood-engravings by Simon Brett
read about 'TankAlphabet' TankAlphabet
An alphabet book with tanka by James Kirkup
read about 'tokonoma' tokonoma
Twenty haiku & tanka by James Kirkup, wood-cuts by Naoko Matsubara
read about 'An Italian Dream'' An Italian Dream
Dickens dreams of Venice
Read about 'Tonge's travels' Tonge's Travels
The Med by cargo steamer in 1857

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